Nataliya Stepanyak was a marvelous Adina”, wrote italian press about debut performance of Adina role on opera festival stage in Crema city.

The Nataliya Stepanyak’s point of view about “reputation” in March issue of Affiche Magazine in Lviv city

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Nataliya Stepanyak and her secrets of reincarnations on opera stage.

“Reincarnation” project – mix of opera, style and exquisite taste.

“If my voice doesn’t sound right in the morning, then everyone should hide where they can…”, tells Nataliya to journalists of “Express” newspaper.

Merker Online calls her a natural talent which she brings on stage playing Despina. She easily charms the audience with her on-stage wit, irony, and mischief.

Her voice is described as substantial and saturated, sparkling, but not too light, without lush. According to experts, she is on the right way to develop a belcanto-like finesse.

Merker Online also highly appreciated here performance at Muth Theater in October 2016. She impressed the audience with her voice and stage acting alike.

Europenian Cultural news
“Nataliya Stepanyak, the discovery of this premiere evening, charmed with her young but powerful voice. It would be no issue for her to sign a role on a larger stage. The audience feels her voice with ease.”

Christian Schacherreter
highlights her in the play Cosi fan tutte by Wiener Philharmoniker, who impresses with bth her voice and her comedic stage presence.


Nataliya Stepanyak on live in SMS TV Show

Nataliya Stepanyak as a guest of morning program “Morning for three” by TV Channel “Pershiy Zakhidniy”

Nataliya Stepanyak and story about her project “Reincarnation” in “Lviv Mistetskiy” TV Program on Lviv Channel

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11.09.2016 played Despina at Odeion Theater Salzburg

14.09.2016 played Despina at Brucknerhaus Linz

19.09.2016 played Despina at Musikverein Graz

22.09.2016 зplayed Despina at Konzerthaus Wien

22.10.2016 played at Muth Theater with Con Fuoco Orchestra